What started as a desire to run a brick and mortar shop led to the creation of this website.I wanted to  offer beautiful natural fiber yarns to local and distant fiber artists. The ethics behind businesses have always been extremely important to me. During my time in college writing papers on plastic pollution I discovered some scary things. Once I learned how the ocean was suffering, the fish were dying from plastic ingestion, humans ingesting the same fish that are wrought with plastic I decided I wanted to create something that utilized my love of fiber art and it's known healing abilities with the earth conscious goal of zero plastic. 

While I am far from perfect I continue to strive to reach a zero plastic point where no packaging or products are shipped with plastic. In my personal life I stopped consuming plastic bottles and when possible recycle all other plastic.

There is much to be done before we see a healing of this planet. I hope to see it in my lifetime and to leave the planet in better condition for my children. I started with making one change and then another. When we each take responsibility our choices start showing up on a large scale. 

My all time favorite quote is 


"I did then what I knew how to do,now that I know better I do better"

-Maya Angelou


 Thank you for being here and sharing this little corner of the internet with me. 


Knitting has been and will forever be something that not only creates beautiful wearable art but has saved me over and over. Its been there through lots of personal tragedy. Knowing the powerful soul mending powers of fiber arts I felt the call to offer my favorite items and to share and teach and learn alongside other fiber artists in hopes that it has the same healing effects on others. 


-xo Jess 


(If you knit, crochet, needle punch, weave, rug hook, spin, dye or otherwise play with yarn you are a Fiber Artist!)