What does fiber art mean to me?

As I spent an entire day shooting pictures of items I have long coveted from afar, patiently waiting never sure if or when I would be able to actually do this, it hit me, that I am in the middle of it. Its like being in the middle of a storm. Everything that was chaotic has slowed down and is now just swirling around me but I am calm and able to see the storm as it twists and bends. There is still anxiety and overwhelm but for this moment I am grateful as it allows me to breathe and absorb the entire beauty of all that has happened. 

Lately many people have asked me "what does fiber art mean?"

I think for different people it will mean different things but here I will share with you what it means to me. 

Yarn, knitting and most sewing and crafting came into my life much later than most knitters I talk to. I cant tell you how many people I talk to who tell me that they were first introduced to knitting and or sewing by their grandmother. 

My grandmother was often not well and when she was well enough she made a pineapple upside down cake for me. We didn't get to spend much time doing things together. She was not a big time sewer or knitter or crafty person. 

My mother had a sewing machine and a few times we pulled it out to do a simple project but it was'nt a typical thing. Then life happened and I worked two jobs for a long time. My free time was spent sleeping and cutting grass and just existing until I had to be back to a job. 

Then my sons were born and something screamed inside of me that there was more joy to life than cleaning and cooking and just getting the work done. I wanted more than watching tv or talking. I craved something creative. So 12 years ago I sat down with plastic needles and wool that was too heavy for the needles I chose. I had no idea as to what I was doing. 

I was excited to just do something different. 

Back then there was just one video on Youtube and I was just learning about what existed online. 

Fiber art became and has been for me a healing art. Its been the best therapy I have ever tried. 

Its been a comfort on long lonely nights, its kept my mind focused when I was grieving the death of my brother. In twelve years many things happened and my knitting was always there. The vibrant friendly people I met at my local yarn shop, online and on Ravelry and Facebook groups and Instagram taught me that we can all connect over something. It gave me a reason to look forward to being finished with work. 

So it may be easier to say what fiber art is not than what it is because it is so man things to me. 

Fiber art has been a soul mender to me. 

That is why I am here. I want to share the passion, joy, support and love that I learned through knitting yarn and using fiber art with others in hopes that we can connect, communicate, share and learn from each other and ultimately mend our souls.